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ShowMyDesktop is a MegaMeeting feature that allows a Web Conference participant to show his/her screen to the other participants in an online meeting. ShowMyDesktop is Presentation Software built into MegaMeeting conferences that permits the sharing of a conference participant's screen, allowing the participant to show any application to the other participants in the meeting room, while at the same time, broadcasting video and audio. You do not need to upload anything in advance. ShowMyDesktop allows conference members to share their computer screen with others in a meeting, and in so doing, display everything from a spreadsheet or word processing document, to a full screen PowerPoint presentation or product demonstration.

As an example, let's assume that you are a Sales Manager with 15 Sales Reps located in various parts of the country. Your company Widget Inc., is releasing a new widget that is going to revolutionize the widget market in less than thirty days. You prepare a PowerPoint presentation. You now initiate a MegaMeeting Web Conference and use the ShowMyDesktop feature to allow all of your attendees to view your screen. By bringing up the PowerPoint presentation on your screen, you are now sharing your presentation with all 15 of your Sales Reps. Whatever you see on your screen will be displayed to all of the other participants in the meeting.

The table of contents will allow you quick access to each section of this guide. If you need further assistance, please contact our Technical Support department.

ShowMyDesktop Plugin Direct Link

To get the ShowMyDesktop plugin from outside a Meeting, PC users click here: ShowMyDesktop Plugin PC.

Mac users click here: ShowMyDesktop Plugin Mac


Note: In order to share your desktop with your Participants, the ShowMyDesktop plug-in must be installed on your machine. No installation is required to view the presentation.

Note: Guests need to be given ShowMyDesktop Rights from within the User Rights section in the Host Options before they are able to see the Install ShowMyDesktop option in the conference room.

  • If you already have the ShowMyDesktop drivers installed, please skip the installation process.

Installing on Windows XP / Vista - Internet Explorer


  • Click Install ShowMyDesktop to begin


  • When prompted, click Install ShowMyDesktop again

Win ie7.PNG

  • Click Run to start the application installer

Win ie7 2.PNG

  • Internet Explorer may prompt you to approve the ShowMyDestop installation again. Click Run to continue


  • Click Next


  • Click Next


  • Click Next


  • Click Finish

Installing on Windows XP / Vista - FireFox


  • Click Install ShowMyDesktop to begin


  • When prompted, click Install ShowMyDesktop again

Win ff.PNG

  • Click Save File to store the install file on your local machine

Win ff 2.PNG

  • When the file has finished downloading, click Open to begin the installation process

Win ff 3.PNG

  • If prompted, click OK to accept the file and begin the installation
    • Note: You may click Don't Ask Me Again to avoid this type of affirmation in the future


  • Click Next


  • Click Next


  • Click Next


  • Click Finish

Installing on a Macintosh

We have recently seen some performance issues with Flash 11 and are recommending using the following instructions for getting ShowMyDesktop to work properly on your Mac.

  • We’ve found that Adobe Flash Player version 11,1,x,x to be the best.
  • We have also found that Google Chrome is the most stable web browser to use.

To uninstall your current version of flash, download this file - Mac Flash Uninstaller

With these three files downloaded and saved to your computer, follow the steps below.

  • Fully quit your web browser
  • Run the Flash Player Uninstaller
  • Unzip the 11,1,102.63 archive
    • Install the file located in these folders - fp_11.1.102.63_archive > 11_1r102_63_32bit > flashplayer11_1r102_63_mac.dmg
  • Open the ShowMyDesktop dmg file and run this package - ShowMyDesktop - Enter Screen - 10 fps.pkg
  • Open Chrome and type “about:plugins” in the address bar without quotations.
  • Click on the + sign in the top right next to Details. If you see a – sign instead of +, continue to the next step
  • Scroll down until you see Flash (2 files)
  • Disable the version in the location “/Applications/Google Chrome Framework.framework/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player Plugin for Chrome.plugin”

You’ve completed the steps necessary to get ShowMyDesktop working on your Mac using Google Chrome.


Uninstall SMD.png

  • To uninstall the ShowMyDesktop plug-in, please follow these steps:
    • Go to the Add/Remove programs management console in the Control Panel.
    • Scroll down the list of installed applications until you find the entry entitled "ShowMyDesktop"
    • Select the entry and click on 'Remove'
    • Reboot the system. The ShowMyDesktop application will be completely removed.

After uninstalling, the machine needs to be restarted so that all the driver entries are removed properly from the device manager.

Uninstalling on a Mac

  • You can move the ShowMyDesktop.component file to the trash.
    • This file is in the Hard Drive > Library > QuickTime


ShowMyDesktop Options

Once the ShowMyDesktop plug-in has been installed and your computer rebooted, log into your account as a Host and start a meeting to test.


  • To Activate, select ShowMyDesktop


  • What to Show determines which application is displayed to other attendees in a Meeting. The options are as follows:
    • Entire Screen: This option will display the entire screen, including the active Meeting to other attendees.
    • Select an Application: The user will be prompted to select an active application running on his / her computer to share with other attendees.
    • Active Application: Selects the current active application to display to other attendees. Users can change the active program by pressing ALT + Shift.
    • Other Device: User must select a device from the drop-down box to be displayed to other attendees inside the Meeting. This device can be a range of things, from a webcam to a screen capturing application.
  • Other Options allow the user to select what portions of his / her Meeting interface (or other user's) to display during a ShowMyDesktop session. The options are as follows:
    • Show Video Panel: Allows user to select a user's video panel they wish to include from the drop-down menu.
    • Show Audio Panel: If checked, shows user's Voice Over IP (VOIP) Audio Box during the ShowMyDesktop session.
    • Show Chat Panel: If checked, shows user's Chat Window during the ShowMyDesktop session.
    • Allow Fit to Screen: If checked, allows user's to increase the ShowMyDesktop viewing area to fit their entire screen.
      • Default to Enabled: If checked, will force Allow Fit to Screen functionality during ShowMyDesktop session.
    • Allow Float Panels: If checked, allows user's to move video, chat and other panels around the viewable desktop during the ShowMyDesktop session. If a user moves panels, they will not affect the original panels on the Host's screen. This function can be turned on or off during the session.
      • Default to Enabled: If checked, will force Allow Float Panels functionality during ShowMyDesktop session. Does not allow option to be turned on or off during session.
  • Load Highlighter...: This feature allows the Host to draw / write on top of the screen (much like Microsoft Powerpoint). This is a plug-in that must be downloaded before being used.

See Running and Using the Highlighter Tool for details.

Running and Using the Highlighter Tool

If you want to draw/write over the top of your screen (like in Microsoft PowerPoint) then you can download and run the Highlighter Tool for use in your presentation.



  • Click Load Highlighter Tool, then Run to open the file; alternatively, save the .exe to your desktop and double click the icon to run


  • Log into your MegaMeeting Account as a host.
  • Click on the Utilities button in the top left hand portion of the Host Options page.


  • Click on SMD Highlighter and you'll be prompted to save a file.

Highlighter save.png

  • The file you just saved goes to wherever you download files to.

Highlighter download.png

  • Once the file gets unzipped, you will see a package, which is what you will install.

Package download.png

  • Double click on the package file and go through the installation steps on your screen.

Highlighter installation.png

Highlighter completion.png

  • Click on the Close button to complete the installation.
  • Open the highlighter from your applications folder.


Once the highlighter loads, you will have access to the following features:

  1. Restore Mouse Cursor and reset tool
  2. Freehand drawing tool (With line thickness selector below)
  3. Rectangle
  4. Elipse
  5. Eraser
  6. Cut
  7. Write Text
  8. Numeric Notation
  9. HIDE transparency - to hide what you have drawn
  10. Screenshot Tool
  11. Clear all Highlighter drawings
  12. Hide Desktop icons - you can then use your desktop as a virtual 'one-way blackboard' to write freehand notes
  13. Color wheel selector

Issues, Fixes and Frequently Asked Questions

How does SMD work? ShowMyDesktop is a one time install on your PC or MAC that will mirror anything that you do on your computer to everyone else in your conference. You can also choose specific applications to show as well (PC version only). Anything you open, run or do on your machine will be seen by the participants, just as if they were standing next to you looking at your monitor!

What does float panels mean? The participants being presented TO will have a panel on the right side of their screen that contains the presenters video, a VOIP control and a chat window by default which can be moved about anywhere in the browser by checking the 'float' checkbox on the left side of the screen. Floating simply means they are free to customize their experience. The person showing their screen can turn off their ability before the presentation as well.

It still says "Install ShowMyDekstop" after reloading the meeting! How do I fix this?' If you reload the meeting and it still says 'Install ShowMyDesktop' in the lower left, please attempt the following:

  • Close the browser, Reboot your computer. Once rebooted, open a new browser and clear the cache (Tools > Internet Options > Delete Temp. Internet Files) - Log back into the meeting and see if it has changed.
  • If it does not change, uninstall the application (see below) and follow step #1 above before attempting to reinstall.
  • Make sure that after the application installs it allows you to click finish. If it DOES NOT, then there are security measures such as firewall/AV installed on your PERSONAL computer or on the NETWORK that need to be turned off.
  • Make sure you also have ADMIN RIGHTS on the computer you are installing to or the installation may be truncated.

My screen is black for the attendees Please make the chosen application active by clicking on it with your mouse.

My screen is grey for the attendees

  • The most common fix to this is to allow the flash player settings.
  • Sometimes the grey screen occurs if you're set to an odd screen resolution. Leave the meeting, close your browser, and check your screen resolution. If it's set to 1366x768, your guests will see a grey screen. Drop it to 1280x768 and try again.

My browser crashes when using SMD on my MAC! What can I do? The MAC ShowMyDesktop function will only support screen resolutions up to 1280x1024. Quit your web browser, go to your System Preferences and click on Displays. Please change your screen resolution and then come back into your meeting.

How do I know what the other attendees are seeing? Simply put, those watching you are seeing everything you do, just as if they were standing behind you physically watching your screen. After you click start, your computer functions and looks the same as it normally does, only now you are mirroring your actions to others. You can open just about any application on your computer and those watching your SMD session will see you do so. Run a powerpoint, an excel spreadsheet, a website or anything else you need to show - Full motion video or streaming media is not recommended however, due to bandwidth and framerate limitations.

I have dual monitors, how will they see my desktop? On multiple monitor setups, only the primary monitor can be seen by those watching your SMD session.

Does SMD support audio as well as video? As of this time, SMD does not support a direct feed for audio when presenting. There is a workaround that will provide you with a way to share sound in addition to video, however. This workaround requires a 1/8" stereo male to 1/8" stereo male cable.

  • Connect one end of the cable to the headphone or line output on your sound card.
  • Connect the opposite end of the cable to the microphone input on your sound card.
    • VOIP must be turned on or the audio will not be sent to guests.
    • The Host will need to execute these steps on the fly, after a meeting has been started with Teleconferencing or a Stereo Headset in use.

Using Select an application or Active application does not work on my Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine.

This happens when the user account control is enabled on your computer. To disable, please follow the link.