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You may ask your guests to register for your meeting. When they register for meeting, they will have to create a password for themselves. On the day of your meeting, they have to enter the information that they registered with.

Preparing Registration

  • When you first create a meeting, there is an advanced setting for Requiring your guests to register. Checking this option means your guests will be required to register for your meeting before they can join. They will not be able to join your meeting unless they've registered.


  • When you send your email invitations to the participants of your meeting, there will be a link to register in the invitation.


Guest Registration

  • Clicking on the link from your email invitation will bring them to a page that looks like this...


  • You'll notice in the address bar, there is a long URL which has both a Con_ID and a User_ID. The User_ID will only show up if you've sent your invitations directly to the participants. If you are sending yourself the invitation and forwarding it to your participants, then you will delete the User_ID including the letters, numbers and dashes that follow User_ID.


  • Once you click Submit, you'll see the next screen, where your participants will type in their information.


Name: Type in your name.
Email: This is the email address you're registering with.
Password: Type in a password that you want to use when joining the meeting. You will be required to remember this password on the day of the meeting.
Phone Number: Type in your phone number.


  • Once the information is entered, they click on Submit.


  • They will receive an email confirmation shortly after registering.

On the Day of the Meeting

  • Now your guests are ready to join your meeting.
  • Have them click on the link you sent them in the original email invitation.
  • They will see a couple of blank fields, one will be for their Name.
  • Another field will be for the Email address they registered with.
  • One final field will be for the Password they created for them self when they initially registered for the meeting.


  • Have them type the information they registered with into these fields.


Your guests will be able to join your meeting now.

Important Details

  • If you need to end your meeting and re-create it, you must re-send the registration link to your participants.
  • A guest can use any email address to register for the meeting, not just the email address that you've sent the invitation to.
    • This means that if they forgot their password, they can register for your meeting again by typing a different email address into the Email field.