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MegaMeeting's recording function is built into the Host Options interface and is available for an additional charge. Please contact your sales representative for upgrading your account.

MegaMeeting will host your recordings for 30 days. Recording storage is limited to 5GB.


Horec.PNG Recscreen.PNG

  • Allows you to record your meetings if you've purchased the recording solution.
  • Begin Recording: Press this button to begin recording your meeting.
  • End Recording: Press this button to stop the recording when the meeting is finished.


  • Download: Press this button to download the zipped file of your recording.

Do not open or run this file. You must save it.

When download completes, you will have a .zip file in the location you save files to. Unzip and extract these files to a location on your computer. To play the meeting, double click on the Play Meeting file.

Downloading Recordings

Options on host page.PNG


  • From this list, one can download recordings that have happened within the last 30 days.
  • Administrators on the accounts will be able to see a list of all recordings made by subusers.

Recording FAQ

  • How long will my recordings be hosted by MegaMeeting? 30 days.
  • What is the storage limit? 5GB of data.
  • The playback is not working, what can I do? Please make sure that you've saved the zip file, and extracted it. The playback will not

work correctly if you do not extract the files first.

  • Will recording work on a Mac? Yes. The recording button is built in to the MegaMeeting interface. It can be initiated by anyone who is

hosting a meeting.

  • Can I send a link of the recording to a guest? No. The recorded files are saved to your local computer. You may send each guest the

original zip file which contains all files needed for playback.