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Using the Computer Sharing Feature

The Computer Share application allows you to take control over any attendees computer remotely, or allow control of your own computer. This is useful feature for troubleshooting camera or video devices on attendees who are unable to configure options on their own.

Running the Computer Sharing Drivers:


  • Click on the 'Computer Sharing...' button on the lower left of your screen to begin.
  • For Internet Explorer Users: Click 'Run' to start the process. Click 'Run' again if you see a message that says, "The publisher could not be verified..."
  • For Mozilla Firefox Users: Save the file and open it from its saved location. To learn how to perform this step, please read Saving and opening a file.
  • Verify that the computer sharing server app is running by looking in the system tray for the grey computer sharing icon.


  • Once the Computer Sharing server is running, that person uses the drop down menu to invite the second person to connect to the first person's computer. The second person (if using Internet Explorer) will accept the invitation click on 'Run' and 'Run' again if prompted with, "The publisher could not be verified..."
  • For Mozilla Firefox users, they will have to save and open the file. To learn how to perform this step, please read Saving and opening a file.

CS4.png CS5.png

  • After setting up the VNC, you will be prompted for permission to begin:


  • After clicking 'run' the VNC application will begin and you will have a window to share your computer with the User you chose.


  1. Send control-alt-delete to host workstation control
  2. Full-screen / minimized screen toggle control
  3. Show connection options control
  4. Refresh screen control
  5. Start menu (ctrl-esc) control
  6. Send custom key control
  7. Show status window control
  8. Close connection control
  9. Hide toolbar control
  10. Toggle remote input & remote blank monitor control
  11. Open file transfer control
  12. Select single window control
  13. Select full desktop control
  14. Open chat function control

  • When you are finished, simply close the application or press CTRL+ALT+DEL

To Re-Download the Host File or Invite Different user simply click 'Computer Sharing' again:


In order for Computer Sharing to work properly on Windows Vista and Windows 7, you must either disable the User Account Control or save all Computer Sharing files, right click on them, and Run as Administrator

Running Computer Sharing from a MAC

For MAC users, Safari has a setting to "Open safe files after downloading" or not to. This is located in the Safari Preferences > General Tab. All files on MACS get SAVED, not ran. This means that Safari and Firefox behave according to their users' settings.

If you have chosen the option not to automatically open these files, you will receive a .zip file in your download location called, " You will double click on it to get a folder called, "CompShareServer_xxxx" Double click on it. Inside of that folder is, "CompShareServer," you will double click on that and then click open if you see, "CompShareServer is an application which was downloaded from the Internet...Are you..."

This will launch an application called OSXvnc, and it will appear TWICE IN YOUR DOCK. When you see the app OSXvnc, you will use the drop down menu to invite the second person to connect to your computer. If the person who is prompted with the invitation to connect is using a PC, follow the instructions above.

If they are on a MAC, please have that person save the file. If it does not automatically open, the second person will double click on the .zip, they will open the folder that is created and double click on the CompShareClient file. This will open Chicken of the VNC on their computer which will have a window of the first person's screen. Now both people have control.

If the person has chosen the option to automatically open the downloaded zip file, they will receive a folder in their download location instead of the zip. Then they can follow the steps listed above.

MACS can share with PCS and vice versa.

Controlling a Guests Computer

Guests need to be given Rights from within the User Rights section in the Host Options before they are able to see the 'Computer Share' option in the conference room.

  • To give a guest the ability to use the computer sharing option, you need to first give them rights in the User Rights box:


  • Once they have the rights, they will need to follow the exact same instructions as the previous topic to share their computer.