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Accessing Admin Options

MainOptions Admin.png

  • Once logged in as a Host (See the Host Guide for help logging in), locate the set of four buttons in the upper-left corner of the page.
  • Click the Admin Options... button to access the additional Admin Options.

Admin Options Window


  • Account Information: See Account Information
  • Meeting List: See Meeting List
  • Additional Logins: See Additional Logins
  • Manage Surveys: See Manage Surveys
  • View Reports: The View Reports button will open a new browser tab or browser window and navigate to the MegaMeeting Reports System. It will automatically log the user in and allow them access to the MegaMeeting Reports System.
  • System Version: Allows you to revert back to an older version of the MegaMeeting software.

Account Information

Account information.PNG Advanced email settings.PNG

  • Account Name: The name associated with your MegaMeeting account. Usually the name of the Company that primarily uses the account. The contents of this field corresponds with the name that is displayed along the top of the Meeting Room.
  • Contact Name: The name of the contact person in charge of the account. Usually the individual who setup the account originally.
  • Email: The email account of the contact person in charge of the account. This may be used by Internet MegaMeeting LLC at any given time to contact you and it is advised that it be kept up to date as much as possible.
  • Advanced: Email options that allow you to use your own email server to send email invitations
  • Send mail through the internal mail server: Your email invitations will come from
  • Send email through other SMTP/POP3 email server: Allows you to send an email invitation from your own email server.
  • Server Address: Your email server's web address.
  • Username: Your username for the email server.
  • Password: Your password for the email server.
  • From (Email): The email address the emails will come from.
  • Automatically Invite Me Whenever I Create A Meeting: If selected, an email will be automatically generated and sent to the email address associated with the account anytime a meeting is created.
  • Use Custom Time Zone Suffix: If selected, adds the value entered in the Custom Suffix box to the time in the Invitations sent from the account. This option should only be used under specific circumstances, to avoid confusion.
  • Password: The password used by the main login of the account.
  • Show Creation Date/Time On Meeting List: If selected, the Meeting List will display the Date and Time that the meeting was created, in addition to its name and creator.
  • Show Scheduled Date/Time On Meeting List: If selected, the Meeting List will display the Date and Time that the meeting is scheduled to be held, in addition to its name and creator.
  • The final text box contains a URL that can be used to view a list of currently active meetings for the account. This can be sent to guests as a way to keep track of what meetings are being scheduled and when.

Meeting List

See the Host Guide for more information about creating a meeting.


  • Displays currently Active meetings, who created them and dependent on selected Account Information settings, the date / time the meeting was created and / or the date / time the meeting is scheduled to occur.

Additional Logins


  • Default Video Settings: This section adjusts the default video settings for each Login account.
    • Framerate: The number of frames sent per second (fps). Value between 1- 10.
    • Resolution: Size of video windows. Depending on the Host bandwidth allotment, this value can be up to 960x720.
    • Compression: Amount of detail in each individual frame. Value between 0 (variable) - 100 (high quality).
    • Apply: The Apply button will put these settings into affect. It will not commit any changes below the Apply button.
  • Logins: The Logins list will display all sub-accounts currently setup for the account. Each account can create, join and end it's own meetings but cannot alter / join meetings created by other Logins or the main account.
    • New: Clicking this button will allow you to create new Logins on your account.
    • Edit: Selecting an existing Login and clicking this button will allow you to change this Login's settings.
    • Delete: Selecting an existing Login and clicking this button will delete this entry from your account.


  • Username: Enter a username for the new Login
  • Password: Set a password for the new Login
  • Email: Type in this entry's email address in case they forget their password. Clicking on forgot password in the future will send an email to this email address
  • Attendees: Determine how many seats this new Login can use
  • Hide Video Settings: Clicking on this checkbox will limit the new Login to using the Video Settings on the Account Configuration page
  • Recording: Allows admin to set up a sub-account to record meetings. See below.
  • OK: Click this button to save the Login


  • Can record meeting: Determines whether or not a sub-account can record meetings.
  • Storage limit: Determines how much storage you will allow your sub-account to use. Additional storage can be purchased through your sales representative.

Manage Surveys


  • Creating a survey in the Admin Options allows all additional hosts to use the survey. In other words, a survey created through the Admin Options is global.
  • See the separate wiki article for Surveys to learn how to create a new survey.

View Reports

  • The reporting system allows you to retrieve information about meetings that happened in the past, get guest email addresses and phone numbers, collect registration information, among other meeting settings.
  • See the separate wiki article for Reports to learn how to use this feature.

System Version



  • This feature allows you to change the software version of MegaMeeting.
  • The Latest stable version is recommended.
  • Choose the version you would like to use from the drop down menu and click on Change Version to make this change.