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This guide will help you set up your Audio Controls on whichever operating system you are using.

Before you join a meeting

Windows XP

Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices.

Click on the Audio button at the top.

For USB Headsets, make sure the Sound Playback and Sound Recording drop down menus are both set to your USB Headset.

For stereo headsets, select your sound card (common sound cards – SigmaTel, RealTek, SoundMax, Sound Blaster, NVIDIA)

For external mics or microphones built-in to your camera, select that device from the Sound Recording drop down menu.

Click on Apply when you are set up properly.

Click on the Voice button at the top and make sure that Voice Playback and Voice Recording are both set up properly. They should have the same devices listed as Sound Playback and Sound Recording respectively.

Click on Apply and then click on OK

Windows Vista and 7

Start > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound

This will open a window on your screen with three options at the top. Click on Recording.

You will see the different options for your computer's microphone. Click on the correct option for the microphone you'd like to use and then click on Set Default at the bottom.

Now click on Playback. You'll make sure that your playback device is also set up properly. This is where you will hear other people from. If you're using a headset, make sure you set the headset to the default device.


System Preferences > Sound > Input > change to your microphone

System Preferences > Sound > Output > change to your headset or speakers

Join a meeting

  • Once you have configured your computer's settings, join a MegaMeeting.
  • In the meeting, right click almost anywhere on the screen and click on settings.
  • Click on the microphone button at the bottom of the Flash Player Settings box that opened on your screen.
  • Select your microphone or headset from this drop down menu and click on the close button.

Now you should be ready to use your newly configured audio equipment.